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Very friendly, efficient and very thorough exam.
- Terry H.
Always outstanding and professional service from Dr. Belill and his entire staff.
- Rebecca A.
My children were born early and have been closely monitored for issues in their eyes since their NICU stay. After being cleared by the neonatal retinopathy opthamalogist, Dr. Belill took over their care and has seen them each year since. At their recent visit, my daughter, now 4 years old, proved she was in need of correction lenses. Dr. Belill and his staff were extremely thorough in their examination, going above and beyond to make sure they had the prescription correct. Thankfully, my daughter was so excited to be getting glasses (hopefully that will continue). Kate was so patient and helpful in finding the right frames for my girl's petite nose. As I reflected after the appointment, I realized how fortunate I feel that Dr. Belill has been checking my children's eyes all this time. To think, many children's vision issues are not found until they enter school, or even well after. My daughter will be seeing clearly and able to continue her development without a vision limitation. I cannot thank Dr. Belill and his staff enough for all they do for my family.
- Rachel M.
As always I had a great visit today. The staff is always kind and efficient.
- Robin S.
As always, Dr. Belill and his wonderful staff make you feel comfortable and relaxed. They are extremely professional in all aspects on top of the extra duties the staff now has taken on due to COVID precautions. You won’t find a better Optometrist and staff anywhere. Thank you all.
- Robert H.
Wonderful staff and excellent care for my eyes. Being a diabetic eye care is extremely important for my eyesight.
- Angelena S.
Been going here for a while. Dr Belill is so knowledgeable and he explains everything about your eyes so well! He is highly recommended!
- Grams G.