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Office Manager

Elizabeth has been with Belill Eye Care since 2013. She is our office manager and takes pride in supporting our office culture of providing the latest technology to prevent, diagnose, and treat a vast array of eye disease all while providing the latest solutions for your eyewear needs. Elizabeth can assist you throughout the office as she has obtained certification of Certified Paraoptometric, a title that she has held since 2013. Whether it is fitting patients with their new eyewear, answering insurance and billing questions, educating on specialty lens options, or simply ensuring our patients have a satisfactory experience, Elizabeth is a diligent member of our team and is a face patients can look for when they need support.

"Being employed by Belill Eye Care has been the highlight of my working career. I have never had so much pride in the work that I do and the way that we are touching lives of the people that step foot into our office. I know everyone at Belill Eye Care strives to give our patients the best experience possible and I hope in doing so we are showing why we are the best around. I could not be more proud to work with Dr. Nick Belill because I truly believe his passion towards his work and the innovation he seeks are the reasons for his accomplishments and reputation. I always appreciate the opportunity to learn and Dr. Belill takes the time with his employees to make sure that we are educated and have superior knowledge in our field. Not only is Dr. Belill dedicated to his patients and the industry he works in but he is invested in his employees and treats us as family. You will not a find a more close- knit group of people working in a small office setting like ours. I never feel like it is a task to come in to work, I always look forward to what the day will bring and for this I am thankful.

Living outside of Clio, only working in this community, my perception of the way the community is bound together is created by all the interactions that I have on a daily basis. There are so many people and businesses that form a feeling of closeness that you don’t find in every town. I am happy to say that I work in Clio and feel that Belill Eye Care only adds to the hometown feel that Clio projects.  Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaning, Hamilton Spinal Care Center, Everything Hair, and so many more are not large corporations, but small businesses like our own, that are adding value to the lives of the patrons of Clio. Every day I meet people from different walks of life that make up the city of Clio and I am proud to say that I too am a part of the community as a representative of Belill Eye Care."