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What to Expect at your Visit

Slide of doctor and child doing icare tonometer exam for glaucoma

1. It is RECOMMENDED, but NOT REQUIRED, that everyone age 2+ wear a high quality, well-fitting mask (KN95, N95, KN94) in public indoor spaces such as our building to help prevent individual risk of COVID infection.

2. When you arrive for your appointment please call from your vehicle to check in for your appointment.

Anyone with current COVID or “cold-like” symptoms OR have tested positive for COVID in the prior 10 days will be asked to reschedule to help prevent the spread of respiratory infections to others.

3. Once phone check-in is completed we will have you enter the building and proceed to the front desk.

If possible, we ask that you limit any additional guests that you bring with you to your appointment since there is limited seating capacity inside the office.

Minors will be required to have a parent or guardian accompany them for their exam. Any person accompanying you to the visit will also be required to complete the COVID health screening.

Thank you,

Dr Nick Belill and Staff