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About Our Diabetes Eye Consultation

About Our Diabetes Eye Consultation

At Belill Eye Care, PLC, we understand how important your eyes and vision are. Our well-detailed diabetes eye consultations offer patients the opportunity to meet with our qualified medical optometrist, Dr. Nicholas Belill, ask questions, and discuss their concerns about their diabetes & eye health.

During the consultation, Dr. Nicholas Belill will carry out a comprehensive examination of your eyes to determine the severity of your condition. When needed, he will suggest ways to handle your diabetes and in extreme cases, options for surgery.

However, the results of a diabetes eye consultation will vary depending on whether your pupils were dilated or undilated. Dilation often allows for more accurate and comprehensive results during a diabetic eye exam. Some items we asses on a consultation include:

  • Are you a Glaucoma/Glaucoma Suspect?
  • Do you show signs and symptoms of Diabetic Retinopathy?
    • If yes, are the signs Nonproliferative or Proliferative? Mild, Moderate or Severe?
    • Are there signs of Diabetic Macular Edema? If so, are they Sight-Threatening?

How to Minimize Risk of Diabetes-Related Vision Issues

Based on current research, we recommend the following tips to patients to help minimize the future risk of diabetes-related or cardiovascular-related vision loss (unless contraindicated by Primary Care Physician):

  • Quit bad habits such as smoking and drinking
  • Consume diet low in glycemic index and Mediterranean style diet.
  • Treat any suspected obstructive sleep apnea. Ensure that you are getting a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours every night.
  • Perform moderate intensity exercises for between 30 to 60 minutes daily. This can include aerobic and strength training. However, the exercise should be done as suggested by the healthcare team. You can get a Fitbit® pedometer to document 8-10 thousand steps per day.
  • Attend professional courses given by certified diabetes educators or experts. This will help you develop optimal self-management skills.
  • Follow AACE guidelines: keep A1c consistently under 6.5%, fasting blood glucose <110 mg/dl, 2-hour posting eating blood sugar <150mg/dl, blood pressure <130/80, LDL-cholesterol <100mg/dl, and triglycerides <150 mg/dl. However, we understand that individual goals often differ. Hence, it is advisable that you discuss with your diabetes physician.
  • Take Eyepromise DVS nutritional supplement. This will supply you with healthy levels of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, Macular Pigments (Zeaxanthin & Lutein), and several other micronutrients for retinal health. DVS formula can help improve visual function, hsCRP, and diabetic polyneuropathy, without affecting blood glucose control.
  • Take omega 3 fish oil with total EPA + DPA = 2000mg. However, apply caution if you are taking blood thinners.
  • Wear lenses that block UV and high energy blue light. This will help protect your eyes against direct sunlight exposure or blue light from digital screens.

Recommendations for Diabetic Care

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes eye condition, Dr. Nicholas Belill will recommend the following diabetic care options:

  • Take Pycnogenol® 100mg once daily; Benfotiamine 150mg three times daily with meals.
  • Unless contraindicated, the Primary Care Physician (PCP) will prescribe Fenofibrate. This will help reduce further or severe eye damage from diabetes.
  • Due to the asymmetry of retinopathy, your Primary Care Physician should consider ordering a carotid duplex scan. The carotid duplex scan is a simple and painless test which helps to identify blockages in the carotid arteries.
  • Ocular risks for sleep apnea; If not previously diagnosed, the primary care physician can also order a sleep study.
  • However, in more advanced or complex cases, we may need to refer you to glaucoma/retinal subspecialist.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Schedule an appointment with us today at Belill Eye Care, PLC for your diabetes eye consultations. Our services are affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional. Our experienced optometrist, Dr. Nicholas Belill, will be available to speak with you and discuss your options.

We attend to both young and adult patients all over Clio, Michigan, and surrounding cities. We will schedule a follow-up eye exam at our Clio vision center within a few months to a year depending on the severity of your diabetes eye condition. Be assured of getting excellent services that will surpass your expectations. An amazing experience awaits you.