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Dry Eye Videos

Dry Eye Management

How Our Clio Eye Doctors Can Help Manage Your Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome is a manageable diseases, with multiple treatment options. The most important thing is to follow your eye doctor’s instructions regarding proper management. If you do so, you may be able to avoid symptoms for days, months or even years. If you do experience symptoms, call your eye doctor for treatment.

Dry Eye Tears and Testing

Testing For Dry Eye Syndrome At Belill Eye Care, PLC

If your eye doctor suspects you have dry eye syndrome, they will speak to you about your symptoms and run a series of tests to confirm the diagnosis and understand its root causes. This will help them prescribe just the right treatment to get you seeing clearly and comfortably again.

Dry Eye: Treatment Overview

Treating Your Dry Eye Symptoms

Once your eye doctor has identified the root cause of your dry eye symptoms, they can prescribe the right treatment for you. If the root cause is environmental or behavioral, our eye doctors can make recommendations about how to improve these factors to help minimize or prevent symptoms. If it is biological, certain eye drops or gels may be prescribed. Our eye doctors will do their best to treat any underlying conditions as well that may be causing symptoms.